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Ecobra is your provider for office, school, and graphic design supplies. “Tradition meets modernity” could well be the title of Ecobra’s philosophy. On the market since 1893, Ecobra has developed into a brand that stands for quality, continuity, and a balanced and multi-faceted selection of functional tools for office, school, and graphic design use.



Ecobra is now an integral part of the European market. Many products that we have developed in-house (see also: patents) have become ubiquitous. Our line of select products offers tools for hobbyists and professionals alike, particularly in the categories of compasses, cutters, cutting blades, and magnets. Take a look at our product range; it’s sure to make Ecobra one of your favorites.



The ECOBRA Promise

Our products are subject to strict controls to ensure quality, functionality, and long service life.

ECOBRA Expertise

For over 125 years, Ecobra has reliably demonstrated its expertise with forward-looking in-house product development and acquisitions.

ECOBRA Retailers

Retailers who carry Ecobra products distinguish themselves by offering the best possible quality and value to their customers.




Dear visitors: we wish to inform you that, as a trusted wholesale supplier, we sell our products only to business customers. This means that it is not possible for non-commercial customers to place orders with us directly. We thank you for your understanding.



Under the menu item “Retailers,” you can quickly find an online shop or physical retail store in your area. We appreciate your visit and hope you enjoy our high-quality products.



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